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"Roll up, roll up, pre-decorated Christmas trees only £1,700 each"

Most of us lean on time-saving convenience services to some degree, be it a supermarket delivery to your door, calling at the local car wash or having your shirts ironed by the experts (guilty as charged) but reading an article about an upcoming Christmas home service this morning caused both eyebrows to rise.

Sure, extra help with household tasks is more valuable than ever at Christmas when the to-do list takes a miracle (on 34th Street) to get through, but is this a step too far? Not to mention the eye-watering cost.

Higher-end businesses looking to outsource the annual tree decorating task to ensure an awe-inspiring and stunning vision of beauty is proudly presented makes some sense, although reading this article today, one garden centre is offering to do just this but in your 'home'... installing a freshly cut plug and play fir without the slightest of effort.

Complete with baubles, tinsel, fairy lights and Bethlehem star, the 'inconvenience' of a D.I.Y. Christmas tree could be a thing of the past if the purse-strings can stretch, but for those with excited children who far from class this as a chore (and have waited all year), will they ever forgive you.

Some people may find the task impossible for health reasons of course and we weren't all born with the design flair of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, but isn't the imperfection of a unsymmetrical, unevenly distributed and non colour coordinated Christmas tree complete with homemade glitter stars exactly where the magic and memories are created?

If your business has checked the attic and Christmas 2019 is the year to refresh the decs, upgrade your crackers to include the business logo or find an ethical provider for your fire retardant tree, Drive Procurement would be delighted to link you up with some outstanding and trusted independent suppliers.


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